Meet The Team at Ledgeview Gardens

Ledgeview Gardens is a small, family owned business in De Pere WI, specializing in sustainable, pesticide free fruits and vegetables. We are committed to growing produce in the healthiest way possible. We use all sustainable farming practices and the most humane animal husbandry techniques we can.

CSA Farm Green Bay WI employees


“On the 8th day God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a caretaker!”. So God made a farmer”.

While we have never viewed ourselves as the strong religious type, this quote brings us great pride in our chosen path. We believe in being caretakers of the earth and strive to do the best we can on a daily basis to live up to that expectation. For 17 years we have proudly grown local, natural, chemical free produce for our community and expect to improve our practices every year. We believe in soil management practices that improve the life of the soil; minimal tillage, active composting, management intensive grazing, cover cropping and remineralization. 

Every day we get to take part in the most magical act on earth; life from seed. John Jeavons once said, “Human kind, despite its’ many abilities, owes its’ existence to a six-inch layer of topsoil and the fact that it rains”. This statement rings true, and if it were not for the miracle of plant life and naturally occurring moisture we would cease to exist. As farmers we are honored to take part in this miracle and strive to do what is best for future generations.

Our farm is built on two different foundations; one is a tip of the hat to past generations and the other is a glimpse into the future. We not only grow upwards of 18 acres of natural produce in our fertile soil, but we also produce large amounts of chemical free vegetables in our hydroponic greenhouses. As we plummet into the future and humanity becomes forever more entrenched in its’ desire for material goods we continue to lose that six-inches of fertile topsoil. As farmland becomes scarce and property values rise we look towards technology to help us feed a larger amount of people from a smaller plot of land. Hydroponic production is one way to achieve this goal; with efficiency of space, light, water and other resources we are able to produce a high quality product with less burden on our natural resources. 

We hope you will join our farm family and learn with us as we grow into the future of agriculture and small scale, diversified vegetable production.