Produce From Ledgeview Gardens

We grow a variety of fresh, pesticide-free vegetables on our farm. We sell through our CSA, at local retailers, and also to restaurants. For the 2019 season, we plan to have the following products available.

CSA Farm Green Bay WI hydroponic lettuce


  • Tomatoes
    Large Red Beefsteak: Large, juicy sandwich type tomato. Group favorite
    Large Orange Beefsteak: Large, juicy low acid sandwich type tomato. Popular color
    Roma: Medium to large sauce type tomato
    Cherry Tomato: Small salad, snack type tomato; bite size, red, sweet flavor
    Grape Tomato: Small salad, snack type tomato; bite size, red, sweet flavor
  • Cucumbers
    English Cucumbers: Burp less, seedless gourmet European type cucumbers.
    Medium – Approximately 8″
    Large – Approximately 13″
  • Herbs
    Italian Basil: Large wide leaves, fresh strong flavor.
  • Lettuce
    Green Romaine - Green Forest
    Green Bib - Rex
    Salanova Lettuce Mix: 8 varieties of lose leaf lettuce, four red varieties, four green varieties. A great mix of crunchy, small leaf lettuce with an outstanding shelf life.
  • Greens
    Red Russian Kale
CSA Farm Green Bay WI outdoor crops


  • Asparagus
    Jersey Knight: Produces long thin and thick spears consistently. We harvest an average of around 100# a day during spring. We have never had a woody spear no matter the size.
    Sold by the pound of random sized spears.
  • Beans - Green/Yellow Bush
    Provider and Gold Mine: Produces an average size straight bean. Great for canning.
  • Broccoli
    Large Green Head
  • Cabbage
    Green early season and storage. Red early season and storage. Small 3-5 Lb heads, sweet and mildly peppery. Great for sauerkraut.
  • Carrots
    Rainbow Mix Carrots: White, yellow, orange, purple and red
    Large Storage Carrots: Bolero. Large, uniform orange storage variety
    Romance / Nelson Carrots: Part of the rainbow mix, 7-8 inch blunt end carrot. Extremely sweet
    Adelaide Carrots: Baby orange snacking carrot, 3.5 inch long, blunt end, super sweet!
  • Celery
    Best for soups and stews
  • Eggplant
    Large, Deep Purple
  • Fennel
    Full Heads with Fronds: Pungent black licorice flavor
  • Garlic Scapes
    First garlic of the season. They are the tops of the plants, excellent garlic flavor.
  • Garlic Bulbs
    German White: Large clove, white, strong flavor.
  • Hakuri Trunips
    White Flesh, Mild, & Salad Turnip
  • Hot Peppers
    Jalapeno: Large, great for stuffing.
    Serrano: Small, hot green peppers. Great flavor and spice for fresh or cooked salsa.
    Cayenne: Long red, wrinkly peppers. Usually seen crushed for red pepper flakes for adding spice to food. Has a hot menthol heat.
    Habanero: Hot Hot Hot. Small to medium sized orange or red pepper. Use with caution.
    Anaheim: Mild stuffing pepper. Great roasted or chopped into fresh salsa.
  • Kohlrabi
    Green and Purple: Mild sweet flavor, average around 1/2# each. Great for eating raw or in stir frys.
  • Muskmellon
    Large Sweet Orange Muskmellon: Range from 2-4#. Mid season usually just before watermelon.
  • Onions
    Red, Yellow, White and Storage Varieties: All varieties have excellent flavor and are usually a mild, sweet onion.
  • Potatoes
    White, Baby Red, Yellow
  • Rhubarb
    Sour ground fruit. Usually used for baking or making home made sweet treats.
  • Shallots
  • Sweet Peppers
    Large Red, Yellow, Orange Bell Peppers: Sweet flavor, great for stuffing or using as a sweet vegetable in many dishes and salsas.
  • Sweet Potatoes
    Beauregard: Large red sweet potatoes, extremely sweet bright orange flesh!
  • Swiss Chard
    Assorted vibrant color braising green
  • Winter Squash
    Varieties: Orange Kabocha, Stripetti Spaghetti, Butternut, Carnival, Pie Pumpkins