There is always something going on at Ledgeview Gardens! You can read our blog posts below, or visit our facebook page for all the latest news and pictures. We look forward to seeing you at the farm!

grass fed chicken poultry

Pastured Poultry

Picture if you will, you’re at the Farmers Market on Saturday morning, walking down the street looking at all the neatly stacked piles of produce and enjoying the smell of that fresh brewed cup of hot coffee in your hand. You start to feel a bit “peckish”(pun intended) from inhaling all the delicious smells wafting…
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CSA Farm Green Bay WI weekly share example

Choosing a CSA

Have you ever been a part of a CSA? If so, you may have found it difficult or left you feeling a bit under-satisfied. So, what’s the next step? You love fresh local veggies and you want to find a source for pastured protein for your family. Well, Ledgeview Gardens is here to solve both…
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CSA Farm Green Bay WI farm fresh eggs

The Farm Fresh Egg Experience

Has anyone ever told you that a farm fresh egg is like the gateway drug to buying local? Okay, maybe that’s just my opinion! But if you’ve never tried an egg from a free range, pastured raised, GMO free organically fed chicken…You haven’t lived! The old cliche is “c’mon, everyone’s doing it”, and in this…
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